Having trouble finding you raw files? Getting and finding your raw files on an iOS device can be challenging.  Here's the quick checklist:

Checklist Item 1: Are location services enabled for PhotoRaw?

If location services aren't enabled for PhotoRaw, PhotoRaw will be unable to import images. This is an Apple security restriction. The process for enabling location services is on this page.

Checklist Item 2: Check all photo albums

As of version 3.6.3, PhotoRaw separates photo albums into pages on the import screen. If you're importing images from the Photo Library, be sure to page through all albums by using the page control at the bottom of the screen.

Checklist Item 3: Are you importing images that originated from an Eye-Fi card?

In order to import items that originated from an Eye-Fi card, you must enable Eye-Fi imports in the preferences screen. If you don't, PhotoRaw will see Eye-Fi imports as non-raw files.

Checklist Item 4: Are the files really raw?

Images imported onto an iOS device can sometimes be converted to JPEG by import software such as iTunes. By default, PhotoRaw doesn't display non-raw files. However, to check whether the files on your device are what you expect them to be, you can enable the display of non-raw files on the preferences screen. If the files show as "Non-raw", then this page will help.