EasySync is easy to use. There are three main screens:

Screen 1 : Folder drop screen

Firstly, you drag and drop whatever folders you want to sync onto the left and right drop points.

Then click the "Scan Folders" button.

You can also:

  • Sync more than one folder at a time - see this page, and/or
  • Select a different sync mode, described on this page, and/or
  • Enter a "recipe" to exclude or include particular files and folders, described in this article.

NOTE: you can also select the mode and recipe later, once the list of items to sync is displayed.

Screen 2 : Scan progress screen

EasySync will scan the two folders you selected:

Once the scan completes, EasySync will go to the results screen

Screen 3 : Results screen

From this screen, you can enter a recipe (either manually or by using the wizard), select or deselect files and folders for sync, etc.