To create recipes, you can compare against the following file attributes:


Filename excluding the path, but including extension.


File extension


Path excluding the filename and extension. Note that path is either relative or absolute, depending on the setting of "Show full paths" in preferences


The file kind, as reported by Finder - e.g., "iCal File".

Date Created

Creation date.

Date Modified

Modification date.


File size. Note that this is in bytes.


"Yes" if the file or folder is hidden


"Yes" if the item is a directory (folder). Note that bundles are directories.

Generally, what is displayed in the columns in the right hand pane is exactly what is compared to. The only slight exception is file size, where for display size is formatted into KB, MB, etc

Creating complex rules:

In order to create complex rules (rule that have combinational operators - "All" and "Any"), press the alt key. The normal add function on the rule editor will then change to allow the insertion of the combinational operators.

Matching to wild cards:

You can match to wildcards (*, ?) by specifying "is like" as the comparison.

Matching to regular expressions:

You can match to regular expression by specifying "matches" as the comparison. NOTE: The matches operator uses a strict implementation of the ICU's Regular Expressions package. This is slightly different to "normal" regex. If you enter an invalid regular expression, the warning indicator in the right hand pane will be displayed, and no clean operations will be possible.