You can either export images in batch mode, or from within the image editor:

Exporting in batch mode

To export in batch mode, touch the "Batch" button on the library screen. You'll be taken to a screen where can select images. When you have selected the images you'd like to export to JPEG or TIFF, touch the "Save" button.

Exporting from the image editor

To export from the image editor, touch the Export button:

You can export JPEGs or TIFFs of your images:

  1. Display the image in the develop view, as discussed on the Viewing Images page
  2. Zoom and pan the image until the portion of the image that you want to export as a JPEG is displayed; PhotoRaw uses whatever is displayed on the screen as an indication of crop area
  3. Display the the HUD, as discussed on the Viewing Images page
  4. Go to the "Tools" portion of the HUD, and touch the "Export" button
  5. A dialog that allows you to set image type (JPEG or TIFF), image resolution and JPEG quality will be displayed. Image resolution varies from 1:1 pixel resolution down.
  6. Touch either the "Save" button to save the image to the device's Photo Album, or the Action button to open the image in another app, AirDrop it, etc.

EXIF data in the original image will be included into the exported image