PhotoRaw provides powerful image adjustment options. In order to use these, first display the HUD by tapping on the displayed image once. The HUD has adjustment tabs for:

  1. Exposure
  2. Recovery
  3. Color
  4. White Balance
  5. Tools - image rotation, reset to defaults, JPEG output, etc

You select each of these by tapping the appropriate button.

Optimal Image Adjustments

The recommended way to adjust images is in the following order: 

  • First, use the Exposure and Contrast sliders to set the image saturation points, the "Blackest black" and "Whitest white" - you can adjust the unsaturated shadows and highlights later.
  • Second, use the Brightness slider to get the mid-tones correct.
  • Third, adjust the shadows and highlights on the Recovery tab.
  • Fourth, adjust the color temperature on the "Temp" tab.
  • Finally, adjust the saturation and hue of the image on the color tab. You can create a monochrome image by adjusting Saturation to 0.

Note that you can reset all the image adjustments by going to the Tools tab, and touching Reset.

Exposure Adjustments

The Exposure adjustment tab provides basic image adjustments; use the Exposure and Contrast adjustments to set the deepest blacks and brightest highlights.


The Recovery tab allows the shadows and highlights to be adjusted.


The color tab allows saturation and hue to be adjusted.

White Balance (Temp)

If necessary, white balance can also be adjusted


The Tools tab allows the image to be rotated, adjustments to be reset, and JPEG output