AccuRaw Monochrome has two separate settings for modified cameras, one for sensors that have had the CFA (color filter array, also known as the Bayer array, the red/green/blue pixel level filters) removed, and another for sensors that have had their IR or UV filter changed, or some other single color filter added. The general rule for setting the two tick boxes is:

  • If you have an unmodified sensor, don't tick either box.
  • If your sensor has been modified, e.g., by the removal of a CFA, such that the same light hits all pixel locations, tick the "Sensor CFA removed" box.
  • If your sensor has been modified in such a way that the spectral sensitivity of the sensor has been changed overall, e.g., by removal of the IR filter, or by the addition of an IR only filter, tick the "Sensor IR/UV modified" box.